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We have received USD 272 in donations. Our goal is to raise USD 225

Hello ... as you know this Veronika website runs on a paid Adult friendly hosting company server. Every 2 years we need to pay to keep the site running. The total fee the next 2 years is $435 USD. From our previous contribution drive we actually had $210 USD left over which can be used towards this payment. This leaves $225 USD left to raise this time. We hope that you have received value in being a member of this forum, so this is your chance to give back by "paying it forward" and guarantee that we continue to have a place to share Veronika material. Every small amount counts, no amount is too small .... so please contribute what you can. All donations are handled via PayPal. As an extra bonus and incentive, for every dollar you do contribute you will receive 1 high resolution Peter Flodqvist set scan as a special thank you. Thanks